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Uwe Wiedemann

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In 1963 I was born in Potsdam. I'm married. We haven't any children.

My leaving-examination of a secundary school I'd got at the Erweiterten Oberschule "Heinrich Hertz", a school that was specialized on mathematics. After the army I'd studied mathematics at the University Greifswald and at the Humboldt-University Berlin. I'd studied logics and philosophy at the University Leipzig too.

I live in the InnovationsWerkstadt Chemnitz, a town in Saxonia.

I work at the time mostly about coherence theory.

My philosophico-logical interessests are also focussed on communication theory and the philosophical integration theory.

In the WWW I'm runing the philosophical domains, and

Besides my pages on logics and philosophy you can find my pages on the antique greek mythology.


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